12″, 50 watts, 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω

3 w magazynie (może być zamówiony)


Wysyłka w ciągu 24h


50 W


8 ohm (4 lub 16 ohm są dostępne na zamówienie)


98,4 dB

Głośniki Vintage Ceramic zostały zaprojektowane tak, aby brzmiały podobnie do Alnico i zostały opracowane po raz pierwszy w 1960 roku jako ekonomiczna alternatywa dla Alnico. Zaletą ceramicznego głośnika jest jego zdolność do radzenia sobie z większymi mocami.

Głośniki Vintage Ceramic są zalecane do wszystkich rodzajów muzyki i najlepiej brzmią głośno. Głośniki Vintage Ceramic Jensen® były sercem i duszą wzmacniaczy gitarowych wyprodukowanych w latach 60. XX wieku i są nadal szeroko stosowane dzisiaj.

Głośnik C12N ma gładki, prosty i pełny dźwięk z „dzwonkiem” wysokiej częstotliwości. Reaguje na zniekształcenia overdrive z potężnym „mid-bite.”


Great attack! I was surprised by the harshness but a few tweeks (less treble and more mid) on my Fender ’65 Twin Reissue and they warmed up real nice. Loud too! Great speakers.

Marc Provencher

Recently, I replaced the original Oxford speaker in my ’67 Deluxe Reverb with a new jensen C12N speaker. I also replaced the 6V6 power tubes with 2 6L6s . Result, no drummer is now too loud, even though it’s still a 20 watt amp. Beautiful clean, rich tones and the breakup is still there, of course, when required. I never put the volume past 4!


I own a standard Fender Blues Junior, I discovered a variant of this amp in a Tweed version, which had a Jensen C12N. The difference was very apparent when I did an A/B comparison. I now play the Tweed amp more than the Tolex version. By the way, I also own a Fender 59 Bassman Ltd with four Jensen 10″ speakers and it blows everything else out the door! Nuff said! I am a happy customer! Thanks!.

Tom in New York City, New York

I use a reissue Fender Deluxe Reverb with a Jensen C12N an the tone is everything that a working Blues player could want. I have tried other speakers but I always go back to the Jensens. I even have them in my 68 Princeton Reverb, my 57 Deluxe and my Pro Junior.

Reverend Paul in Rochester, NY

I put some C12N in my newly acquired 1975 Twin Reverb. I tried a few non Jensen speakers and none seemed to work. The C12N are perfect and just the right balance. The base isn’t flubby or over powering when playing full chords, the highs are not spiky or shrill when soloing, the C12N are very dynamic and full sounding. What also impressed me was how good these speakers sound right out of the box. IMO That’s kind of rare for a speaker to sound that good that new.. I’m totally excited that these C12N are only going to get even better as they get broken in. These speakers make my Twin Reverb a joy to play. I’ve also got many compliments on the Twin Reverbs tone. Totally impressed, totally satisfied…

P. C.

Just installed my C12N into my Blues Junior and what a difference its made. It is like the difference between instant and filter coffee, just a far richer, deeper more developed tone with 10 times the presence. A true Blues tone…

Marco in London, England

Just got the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe S.E. with the C12N speaker and love it, put the tube screamer pedal on it and it comes alive, for a small package it handles the task easily, play everything from gospel to rock and it sounds equally good clean or gritty, good stuff.


I was able to get a good deal on a pair of C12N speakers to replace the pair of Jensen Vibrantos that were originally in my 1968 Fender Bandmaster. They sure do sound sweet.

Joseph in Medford, NY

I picked up a couple of C12N reissues that sound great in my vintage Fender Bandmaster Cabinet. Jensen Speakers were the originals that gave Fender their classic sound. So thanks for all.

Gilbert in Cupertino, CA

Great speakers. Liked them so much I picked up a C12N, P12Q and MOD 12-50 to re-do three respective new amps to give them a more vintage tone.

Brian in Greenwood, IN

I have a Fender twin that sports two Jensen C12N’s and am very happy with the sound.

Jeff in Eden, NC