10″, 50 watts, 16Ω

4 w magazynie (może być zamówiony)


Wysyłamy w ciągu 24h


50 W


16 ohm


97,4 dB

Pliki załączone do produktu

Dzieląc się nowymi rozwiązaniami Jensen, wprowadził linię Jet. Słuchając tego, czego gracze chcieli w głośniku i wykorzystując najnowsze materiały, Jensen kontynuuje przekształcanie przemysłu muzycznego, tworząc głośniki o niezrównanym brzmieniu.

Electric Lightning to prawdziwy głośnik Rock n ‚Roll z „twarzą w twarz”, który poradzi sobie z najcięższymi stylami gry i jest przeznaczony do głośnych zastosowań.

Głośnik JC12-70EL posiada ciepłe i jasne brzmienie z połyskującymi wzlotami. Podczas gry z przesterem overdrive, pozostaje silny.


Just replaced a mix matched set with a quartet of 10″ Electric Lightnings in a Super Reverb. While they sounded tight at first, over several days they broke in like gold, both super clean or heavily preamped. The bass response is more round than ever, and with none of the mushiness I have associated many 10″ designs. I’m able to run more low than ever and the low E string just sounds fantastic. They are strong/robust sounding, akin to the tone of 12″ speakers. The highs really mellowed out and sing like I had hoped. Overall the sound is simply huge, clear, and articulate at any volume. I would think any player will see benefits regardless of musical style. Great improvement and speaker!

Brad W

Holy smoke! I hear ‚ya loud and clear, Electric Lightning 10″s! I stuck a pair in my Fender Custom Vibrolux (basically a hot-rodded ’63 Vibroverb) which I have rebuilt to 1963 Vibroverb specs. Very true-sounding speakers. Extremely efficient, hardly any cone breakup, and super-tight with a very balanced EQ spectrum. They added significant weight to my amp compared to the stock Eminence AlNiCo speakers, but I’m glad I made the switch!

Michael Whitaker

I play in an eclectic punk band and I use two Electric Lightning with a Marshall 100 tube amp and it sounds killer most of the sound men think I am too loud but the rest of the band and the audience loves it! Thanks Jensen!

Niro in New York City, NY

Rebuilt a beat up and much modified 66 Super Reverb to factory specks (or as close to as possible) including a new four ten baffle as it had been modded to 2 12’s it was time to choose speakers. There is tons of stuff out there on the subject and I was caught up in it. I listened to the bad, the missing, the good and the magic of it all and came to my own conclusion, take the good and make it exceptional, fill in the blanks, remove the bad and find some more magic. After holding up many layers of paper with freq. sweep curves against a bright light(how analog can you get), multiple screens on the computer(my digital input) I came up with a quartet of EL-10s. The first notes played…Magic, the first cords….Magic. To the phone „Watson come over here!”…Magic. Well I am all out of Watsons and all I can say is thank you. Jensen, job well done.