12″, 100 watts, 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω

4 w magazynie (może być zamówiony)


Wysyłamy w ciągu 24h


100 W


8 ohm (4 lub 16 ohm są dostępne na zamówienie)


97,4 dB

Pliki załączone do produktu

Dzieląc się nowymi rozwiązaniami Jensen, wprowadził linię Jet. Słuchając tego, czego gracze chcieli w głośniku i wykorzystując najnowsze materiały, Jensen kontynuuje przekształcanie przemysłu muzycznego, tworząc głośniki o niezrównanym brzmieniu.

Jensen Jet Tornado ma krystalicznie czysty dźwięk, akcentowany połyskującymi wzlotami, z każdą nutą brzmiącą ciasno i dobrze zdefiniowaną. Nawet przy przesterowaniu dźwięki pozostają dobrze zdefiniowane 


I installed a pair of these in my 1970 Fender Twin to replace the original JBL D120F’s that were in there. The tone of these is great. Most would call me crazy for swapping the JBL’s out, but they add 30 lbs. the amp just on their own and I’m gigging weekly with my Twin so I was looking for something that kept the great tone, but lightened the amp up. With the Jensens installed, the weight of the amp went from 82 lbs down to around 60 lbs. with the Jensens. A huge weight loss to say the least. Worth every penny for the tone and the light weight! The have all the sparkle and chime with tight low end you could hope for.


For a year and a half I was going through all kinds of speakers for my Roland JC120. I’ve tried almost all the eminence stuff and quit a few Celestions, the only thing that I settled with that came close to what I was hearing was the Texas Heat. It was good but there’s still something missing that I was not hearing specially during live gigs. After some researching going on I thought I would give it one more shot and if it does not work,I still have the Texas Heat to fall back on. So I bought two Jensen 12″ tornados for my JC120, after stumbling upon it on line. And after I put it through one gig,I had finally found the speakers that really made me sound like I have some talent! I had warmth and clarity both doing solo works and rhythms. I don’t have a very difficult set up,all I got is three Boss pedal, SD-1 to kick in for solos,OD-3 for my main rhythms and DD-7 for some delay. Needless to say I sounded freaking awesome and Loud!!! I’m glad I took that one last step of the journey! I guess I’ve been a Jensen guy all along and didn’t really realized it……. Oh! and one last bonus,my JC120 is now a lot lighter!!!

WB Brown Sound

I just recently bought a new amp cause I need a light, portable amp on the go for those smaller stages, so I just bought the new Fender Champion 40 1×12. (Loud for a little guy!) The stock speakers just suck! I basically use just the clean channel only with my Tech 21 Hot Plexitone and TC Electronic Flashback X4. After installing a wonderful 12” Jensen Tornado, the amp really opened up and has some serious dynamics and definition,very good chunky low end – very spongy feel, kinda like EL84, mids are not very over powering, it has clarity but most of all a very sweet high, creamy top end. The most surprising thing about this is that this amp that has the Jensen Tornado 12″ is a solid state amp! Other guitar players on the scene that heard my sound swore that I have a tube amp crank behind me! Go figure that….. Highly recommend Jensen Tornado 12″ on solid state amp! It gives it a tube amp feel and sound. It really does give life to a sterile, stale solid state amp.

Warren in San Diego